The Nourishing Womanly Art of Breast Health

A Woman-to-Woman, Hands-on Session of Breast Care for Circulation, Vitality and Whole Body Health

Breast Health Massage sessions, $120 (1 hour).

Email me to schedule a session.
This hands-on session is a very simple, beautiful and nurturing way to support breast health.  Breast massage has ancient roots as an integral part of self-care and health for women in Daoist and other traditions which understood that breast health is whole body health.  This practice stimulates lymph and blood circulation, helping to eliminate toxins from the breasts and surrounding tissues and increase immune function.  The meridians of the five major organ systems in Chinese Medicine run through the breast area with powerful psycho-spiritual implications for our sense of self and our experience of embodiment. The breasts are intimately connected to the heart, so being safely touched in this area can be healing and nurturing, and reconnects us with our femininity and sense of our own natural beauty.  Sessions include Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy to ground and integrate the practice.
These sessions make special gifts for the women in your life: lover, sister, best friend, pregnant daughter, mother!  Gift Certificates available.
Breast Health Massage can help:
  • painful breasts, premenstrual tension, swelling or tenderness
  • scars and post-surgical healing
  • tenderness due to benign conditions or normal breast changes with aging
  • discomfort due to pregnancy, breastfeeding or weaning
  • overall tone and facial structure of breast tissue; breast tissue becomes more alive and vibrant with increased circulation from massage
  • Massaging the breasts sends a message of health and wellness to our bodies, as well as gratitude and pleasure leading to joyful embodiment!

Please note, I am not a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT). I offer this session in the ancient tradition of women helping women. You will be asked to sign a Consent for Treatment release form. The upper body will be unclothed and draped; the nipples are not touched in the session. The session takes place only with your full permission each step of the way, and is completely confidential.