Sacred Daoist Sexuality for Women


“[Your teaching was] incredibly nourishing for me. I deeply resonated with the way you taught the material in such a beautiful, lyrical way. It felt feminine, earthy and accessible.” –Shelly Gibbs

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Our sexuality—our sensitivity to touch, our arousal, our erotic imaginations, our physical and emotional response—is a sacred gift designed to keep us healthy, open our hearts, give us pleasure and align us with our truth. It unites us with our understanding of the Divine: the Intelligent, ecstatic, creative life force energy that imbues all of existence and that wants to be expressed uniquely through each one of us.

In Chinese medicine, revering, protecting, and cultivating our sexual energy is considered a sacred responsibility for both optimal health and fulfilling our destiny.

When we are busy, stressed, or broken-hearted, it is all too easy to lose touch with our sexual selves. Modern life often pulls us away from nature’s rhythms, which remind us of our own inherent wisdom, ease us through transitions and enliven our senses. We can feel depleted and fatigued, our creativity can go quiet, and our libido can feel like a thing of the distant past.

I teach Sacred Daoist Sexuality through weekend workshops, class series, and ritual gatherings, bringing together circles of women to remember to value, rediscover and cultivate this sacred energy.  We follow in the footsteps of ancient Daoist women learning practices to call our procreative energy back into the center of our lives.  We explore the philosophy and world-view of Sacred Daoist Sexuality; immersing ourselves in a culture that reveres sexuality as a form of deepest truth.  This work is very potent in private one-on-one sessions as well.

Teaching includes:

  • Women’s qigong forms and practice rituals
  • Exploring the Power of the Yin
  • Meditation and Self-Reverence
  • Self-cultivation and the Anatomy of Pleasure
  • Making Love to yourself
  • Relationships, men’s Sacred Daoist Sexuality
  • Wholeness with your procreative energy